Kidney Diseases Are More Common In Mining Areas – Sefwi-Wiawso MP Reveals

In the words of Dr. Kwaku Afiriyie, the minister of environment, science, and technology and the Member of Parliament for Sefwi-Wiawso, renal disease is primarily caused by the mining industry, and more kidney-related cases are connected to mining-related activities.

Speaking to the press after the health mining brief parliament on the state of the renal unit of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, the minister said a lot of kidney diseases and some diseases are migrated from the mining areas.

He added “One thing the government has saved the minority companies is the introduction of NHIS. Before that, most of the mining companies were operating their own hospitals, and they spent huge money on that, especially their staff.

“I had the opportunity to work at a doctor in Awaso Boxcite, where at the time the hospital was managed by Canadians, so I know how much they spent on their staff.  Some of their hospitals have been closed down due to the introduction of NHIS because they took the opportunity to register their workers at nearby government hospitals,” he said.

Hon. Dr. Afiriyie called on the government to impose a special levy on the mining sector to take care of kidney diseases.




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