Akyem Bontodiase: Youth Accuses Chief And Elders Over Lack Of Development In The Community

The youth in Akyem Bontodiase in the Akyemansa district of the Eastern region have raised a red flag on their chief and elders as they accused them of being a standing block to development in the community and hence support the dis-stoolment of their chief by the royal family as they believe it is the only option to pave the way for development in the community.

Speaking on behalf of the youth in Akyem Bontodiase in a presser, Samuel Agyei Donkor alleged that for the past seventeen (17) years of enstoolment, their chief  Obrempong Adarkwah Dwamaenah II has not done anything related to development for the community but is only interested in the sale of lands without any proper account to the people of Akyem Bontodiase.

He stated that the paramount chief of Akyem Kotoku traditional area, upon the royal family’s trying to dis-stool the Bontodiase chief to pave the way for development, has disallowed and told him to continue his work as a chief, which the youth are not happy with.

Some of the Akyem Bontodiase youth in attendance at the press conference also raised their voices as they expressed why they were rejecting their chief.




The youth’s accusations have been refuted by the chief of Akyem Bontodiase.

He said that throughout his seventeen years as chief, the community has seen growth rather than decline.

He committed to constantly pushing for greater progress for his people.



Source: Ahenkanfmonline.com / 93.3 FM

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