Birim Central Municipal Assembly Donates To PWDs

Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) in the Birim Central municipal assembly in the Eastern region have received items worth thousands of cedis to help them support themselves and their families.

The distribution through the disability common fund is intended to alleviate the plight of PWDs by assisting them in establishing their own businesses.

Life in the district has been muddied by daily suffering and agony for many of them, but timely government assistance has brought joy and optimism.

More than thirty people benefited from the fund’s latest donation in the areas of health, education, and economic development.

Refrigerators, and Pepper grinding machines, Tyling machines, Industrial Sewing machines are among the items.

Some people with physical disabilities received donations of wheelchairs and crutches, while others received assistance with their hospital bills.

Financial aid was also provided to six university students with physical limitations, as some individuals were given ¢2,580  in cash.

Speaking at a mini durbar held to present the items to the PWDs, the Birim Central municipal chief executive, Hon. Victoria Adu, stated that the fund has been extremely beneficial over the years because many vulnerable people are now able to rely on themselves while also supporting others through their businesses.

According to Madam Victory Adu, the government is doing an excellent job of making sure that people with disabilities feel included in society at large and that, as part of this effort, 3% of the common fund is designated for them to purchase startup capital for enterprises.

She has counseled the receivers to use the gifts carefully because they were requested.

Additionally, she said that the Birim Central Municipal Assembly would always make sure that they received 3% of the government district common fund whenever it became available.

Beneficiaries have been advised by Mr. Victoria Adu to use the products they have been given as startup money for their businesses rather than to sell them.

She also stated that efforts have been increased to closely monitor the beneficiaries in order to ensure that they use the items wisely rather than selling them.



The National Chairman of the Ghana Federation of Disabilities, Mr. Fameye Michael, expressed gratitude to the government and MCE of the Birim Central Municipal Assembly for consistently making sure that they receive their fair share of the common fund.

He also urged other organizations and collaborating institutions to assist them, as they require numerous resources.

The MCE also urged drivers, passengers, and other road users to respect and treat people with disabilities (PWDs) in accordance with the Disability Act.

He believes that vulnerable people should be prioritised in public places so that they do not feel stereotyped.

After obtaining their supplies, some beneficiaries expressed gratitude to the district assembly for its dedication to improving their lives.




Source: / 93.3 FM


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