E/R: Ekona Royal Family Reiterates Destoolment Of Bontodiase Chief

The Ekona Royal family of Bontodiase in the Akyem Kotoku Traditional Area says it has performed a customary ritual to destool Obrempong Adakwah Gyamenah II as Chief of Akyem Bontodiase.

The Abusuapanin of the Ekona Royal family, along with every member of his family, stated during a press conference held on Saturday, February 3rd, 2024, at the family house that the necessary rites indicating the traditional and customary destoolment of Obrempong Adakwah Gyamenah II as Akyem Bontodiasehene have been duly executed.

In light of this, Obrempong Adakwah Gyamenah II is not allowed to rule or conduct himself as a chief or royal household at Bontodiase, according to Nana Yaw Duodu Freduah, who addressed the media.



Abusuapayin Nana Yaw Duodu Freduah-Agyemang levelled various charges against the Chief as reasons he has been removed from the stool.

He asserts that Obrempong Adakwah Gyamenah II has been destooled for dissipating family and stool property without accounting for his people.

He further stated that Obrempong Adakwah Gyamenah II, the purported destooled chief, had not made any progress in the community since taking the throne over seventeen (17) years ago, and had also declined to provide support for his family.

He maintains that Obrempong Adakwah Gyamenah II did not consider the community or the entire royal family, but rather only himself and his children.




Abusuapayin Nana Yaw Duodu Freduah claims that after seventeen (17) years, the allegedly destooled chief has nothing left to provide the people of Akyem Bontodiase, even his own family.

Furthermore, he asserts that no one should ever recognize Obrempong Adakwah Gyamenah II as the chief of Bontodiase since he has been destooled by the Ekona family and other stakeholders.

At the presser, some members of Akyem Bontodiase’s Ekona royal family also raised their voices in support of the destoolment of the chief.

They said that going forward, a family head will rule Bontodiase instead of a chief until a new chief is enstool.

According to the information acquired, the family is also asking the court for authorization to lock the palace, implying that they are taking control of the property.

Meanwhile; the youth in Akyem Bontodiase have also raised a red flag on their chief and elders, as they accused them of being stumbling blocks to to the community’s progress.

As a result, they support the Royal Family’s decision to depose their chief, believing it to be the only course of action that will allow the community to advance.

They accused the chief of impeding the development of Akyem Bontodiase, by his actions.



Source : Ahenkanfmonline.com / 93.3 FM


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