US$1m Per Constituency: Akyem Aduasa Modern Sanitary Facility Commissions

The Member of Parliament for the Akim Swedru Constituency, and the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Roads and Highways, Hon. Kennedy Osei Nyarko have given the Akyem Aduasa community access to a state-of-the-art toilet.

He was accompanied by the District Chief Executive (DCE), Mr Kwame Asare-Danso, and Mr. Dominic Fobi, the chairman of the New Patriotic Party Constituency together with other party members.

The facility is a component of the Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Programme (IPEP), a policy implemented by the Akufo Addo administration that allocates one million dollars to every constituency.

In terms of the one million dollars per constituency toilet facilities policy, as far as Daily Searchlight and comprehend, countrywide, the Akyem Aduasa establishment is the only project that has been formally put into service.



Osaabarima Gyampem Abrokwa IV, the chief of Akyem Aduasa, elders, and Mr Dominic Fobi, the chairman of the New Patriotic Party Constituency, attended a mini-durbar to commission the project.


The Undertaking

Mr. Kwame Asare-Danso, the District Chief Executive (DCE) of Birim South District, said during a welcoming speech that their legislator’s helping hand was necessary for the Middle Belt Development Authority project to be completed.

He stated that the project was abandoned and that the MP completed it with his own hard-earned money.

For this reason, he implored the good people of Aduasa, along with the chief and his elders, to express gratitude to the MP for his efforts on the project.

According to him, the community’s sanitation and hygiene will be enhanced by the facilities.


MP’s Remark

Speaking to the Media, Akyem Swedru Lawmaker, Hon. Kennedy Osei Nyarko, commended President Akufo-Addo and his vice for putting IPEP into action, a policy that allocates one million dollars annually to every Member of Parliament for the purpose of constituency development.

He described the project as viable since it will ensure sanitation is sustained and also complement other government infrastructure projects.

In order to stop the spread of deadly illnesses like cholera, he counseled the populace to practice excellent hygiene and maintain a clean environment.

Hon. Kennedy Osei Nyarko, frequently referred to as “Adwumawura,” asked the authorities to make sure the project would extend its lifespan and advised the facility’s users to keep it sanitary.

There was too much strain on him when the project was abandoned, so he was also relieved that it had finally been completed and handed over to the residents.

He pleaded with the people to exercise patience while assuring them that additional development projects would be brought to their doorsteps as long as he remained their MP.




The chief of Akyem Aduasa, Osaabarima Gyampem Abrokwa IV, expressed gratitude to Hon. Kennedy Osei Nyarko for his swift help in completing the facilities.

He stated that the pressure his people applied to the MP derived from their genuine anxiety.

He said that the MP’s prompt answer to their request demonstrated his ability to lead.

He pledged to keep them well in order to prolong the project’s usefulness.

In addition, in advance of the next NPP parliamentary primary, Nananom poured libations to bless the sitting member.




US$1m Per Constituency

The one million dollars per constituency is a policy by the government under the Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Programme (IPEP).

Under IPEP, each of the 275 constituencies is allocated the equivalence of US$1 million annually to be invested in infrastructure development initiatives of their choice, managed and implemented by the three development authorities (Northern Development Authority, Middle Belt Development Authority and Coastal Development Authority), under the office of the president, supervised by the Minister responsible for Special Development Initiatives.

The infrastructure projects to be implemented will support and complement other government infrastructure projects.

Since 2017, there has been budgetary allocation for every constituency in the country. However, due to the time it took to establish the three development authorities, the one million dollars per constituency has been temporarily administered through the minister for Special Development Initiatives. The three development authorities have since been established by an act of parliament, and, are fully operational, therefore, the government has issued commencement letters to cover the full amount of cedi equivalence of 1 million US dollars to all three Development Authorities to commence the implementation of constituency-specific infrastructure needs.

In July the Minister of Finance (MoF) granted the letters of commencement to the three Development Authorities in the country to commence full implementation of the $1 million per constituency pledge under the Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Programme (IPEP).


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